A quick guide to emotii: The revolutionary two-way emotion-based communication tool

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emotii is an innovative two-way emotion-based communication tool that enables people to truly connect through the power of tech.


By leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Chat GPT language model, emotii successfully removes language barriers whilst capturing cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and emotional context, enabling genuine and accurate communication between individuals of different nationalities. ​


How it works


emotii is an easy-to-use chat platform, enabling users to communicate in their own language with anyone around the world, where any message is translated in real time – through the power of AI – to the receiver.  


Available in 124 different languages, emotii’s platform-agnostic design caters to both consumers and businesses, enabling users to effectively communicate and build both personal and professional relationships.


Our vision


We want to create a world where language is no longer a barrier but a bridge that connects people from diverse cultures. emotii is the catalyst for authentic and heartfelt communication, transcending linguistic boundaries and fostering meaningful connections on a global scale.​


Our mission


We want to empower individuals, businesses, and communities with the transformative power of seamless and culturally sensitive communication. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology that surpasses traditional translation tools, capturing the true essence of communication and enabling authentic connections.


By bridging language gaps and embracing cultural diversity, emotii aims to foster empathy, understanding and collaboration, thereby breaking down barriers and building a more inclusive and interconnected world.​


Why we’re different


emotii is much more than a tech innovation. We are a revolutionary communication platform that enables users to truly build cross-cultural relationships through authentic and emotive translation.  


emotii’s unique proposition lies in its ability to provide seamless, accurate and culturally appropriate translations, enabling authentic connections and fostering empathy in both personal and professional contexts.


Our team boasts a unique blend of linguistic prowess and advanced technological backgrounds, offering a competitive edge in nuanced translation.​ emotii’s first-mover advantage in areas like cross-cultural dating and business communication enhances its appeal and differentiates it in the market.​


Our business model


We offer two types of membership – Freemium and Subscription. Our Freemium package offers services for free enabling two-way emotion-based communication, with additional premium features and enhanced support available through subscription​.


Our subscription service consists of tiered offerings based on user count and translation volumes​, with add-ons including premium support and customisation.



To find out more download emotii today or email info@emotii.ai for any further information.


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